Body Treatment

An intuitive, relaxing body-healing treatment may occur in either the lying down or sitting position.  The client may keep all their clothes on during the process.
During a treatment process the energy field of the practitioner and client merges into a unified field where both are healed in the process.
The implication is that there is no separation between the healer and the healed. The practitioner and client are reflective aspects of each other where each person is sharing in their unique journey of healing. 
Each session is different where the methods used will vary relative to each interactive moment.

A typical hour-long session includes the following:

Pulse Activation & Rhythms

With gentle rocking and pulsing movements, the rhythm and harmony of one’s heartbeat is regulated. This in turn affects the circulation system etc. With each varying belief system and thought pattern, there is a corresponding heartbeat rhythm.

Pressure Points

Varying degrees of pressure are applied to relevant points on body in order to relieve stress and realign the meridians and head, etc to achieve the required result. The points vary each time depending on the changing dynamics and energy field of the individual.


Each crystal resonates with a different frequency of colour and geometry. Then through the rotation and placement of crystals in areas both on the body, or in the surrounding areas, energy blockages, tears in the aura, etc are remedied


The ancient art of healing with the feather is reintroduced the fibrils of a feather allow for the deeper restructuring of the fibrils of the energy matrix around one’s body, bringing release from static or stagnant tendencies.  The feather fosters inter- dimensional communication.


Using either a pendulum, or hand movements, the direction, speed and timing of one’s chakras and vortices of energy are re-energized and catalysed back to one’s original, healthy state.

Psychic Surgery/Energy Redistribution

In a closed system, energy is never wasted or lost. During a treatment, energy is redistributed  and transmuted . The incorporation of various breathing patterns and rhythms facilitates this process. The clearing and removal of stagnant or static energy will facilitate the innate healing process.

Spirit Releasement / Remote Depossession

This facilitates the reclaiming of one’s power and sacred space   on all levels. Any soul, entity or thought form that may be cohabitating with a being is gently guided into the light, or released.

The Elements

Our bodies are made up of a combination of the 5 elements. The balance of these elements is realigned.

Visualizations and Meditative Techniques

These may be incorporated and weaved into a treatment where necessary. Metaphors, analogies and stories serve to realign and bring clarity and understanding.  The body experiences a corresponding relief


Past life, future life, or between lives as well as into this life experiences may be explored or discovered.

Energetic Space Clearing

For companies, homes, offices and vehicles.
Moving home, selling your home, change of relationship, work, loss, separations, deaths, bad luck, curses, remote depossession, etc.

The environment we live in mirrors the energy field and dynamics of an individual or group, and vice versa. A physical space will also reflect and energetically hold habitual life patterns and tendencies of the individuals present.  Clearing and addressing these patterns via the living or working space facilitate constructive change and growth. Latent future possibilities and potential may be revealed and fully accessed and integrated.

A space clearing includes the following:

1. Raising of the vibrational frequency of the building.
2. Vortex cards:  addressing geopathic stress (intersecting of grid and meridian lines) as well as underground water tables.  These vortex cards were developed by Dr Jeff Levin and may be viewed on www.bodyalignment.
3. Sound and voice toning.
4.A combination of incenses and smudges for clearing negativity, thought forms, as well as the releasing of entities.
5. A redistribution of energy to enhance the flow and movement of the space.
6. Clapping and movement techniques, which dissolve and release pockets of trapped, stagnant energy.
7. Balancing of the masculine/ feminine and heaven/ earth dynamics.
8.  Balancing of the elements namely earth, air, fire, water and ether.
9. Creation of a light, protective matrix around the space.
10. Grounding the space where needed.

A clear, light environment will allow for constructive change and movement

DURATION: An hour, depending on the size and degree of clearing required.
FEE:  Relative to the size of the space, and distance required for travelling.