Debbie Howes

After her studies at University, Debbie travelled for 7 years to parts of Asia, Europe, Canada and the States doing a combination of dance/ gymnastic and kung fu show using nunchaku sticks with fire.

On returning Debbie had a burning desire to go within, heal and understand herself.  She studied various healing modalities and meditative techniques. 

These included the following:

Reiki masters, Karuna and lightarian masters, yogic healing, body alignment technique (mod 5), crystal healing, feng shui, kriya yoga, white tantric yoga, the flower of life (merkaba technique), underwent the reconnection, Sumo Ching Hai, Transcendental Meditation, Sahaj marg, Buddhist, Zazen, Alstar training with the ascended masters and attended classes at the Academy of Future Science and participated in the Turning Point, Joyspring and the Mile with Dr Baruch Banai.

At age 37, a spontaneous turning point occurred while Debbie was doing a body treatment on an individual. She asked her guides for support and help to speed up a body alignment process. Immediately she felt the presence of her guides align directly in her physical body where they were guiding the movements of her hands and body.  From then onwards, Debbie has been taught techniques of healing using sound, moving energy, movement and the elements.  This has inspired and led to the development of the E- volition Energy in Motion healing technique.