Energetic Space Clearing

Companies, Homes & Offices

Moving home, selling your home, change of relationship, work, loss, separations, deaths, bad luck, curses, remote depossession, etc.

The environment we live in mirrors the energy field and dynamics of an individual or group, and vice versa. A physical space will also reflect and energetically hold habitual life patterns and tendencies of the individuals present. Clearing and addressing these patterns via the living or working space facilitate positive change and growth facilitated, where latent future possibilities and potential may be revealed and fully accessed and integrated.

A space clearing includes the following

  1. Raising of the vibrational frequency of the building.
  2. Vortex cards in the identifying and clearing of geopathic stress (intersecting of grid and meridian lines) as well as underground water tables. These vortex cards were developed by Dr Jeff Levin and may be viewed on www.bodyalignment.co.za
  3. Sound and voice toning
  4. Combination of incenses and smudges for neutralizing static energy, clearing negativity and thought forms, and releasing entities
  5. A redistribution of energy to enhance the flow and movement of the space, thereby clearing blockages
  6. Clapping and movement techniques, which dissolve and release pockets of trapped, stagnant energy
  7. Balancing of the masculine/ feminine and heaven/ earth dynamics
  8. Balancing of the elements namely earth, air, fire, water and metal
  9. Creation of a light, protective matrix around the space

A clear, light environment will allow for allowing for constructive change and movement

It is preferable to have the space empty during the space clearing process. Residents may sit outside or in the garden.

Are you ready for change?

Cost R1,000 for a standard 3 bedroom house

An hour, depending on the size and degree of clearing and work required