Welcome to the unique voice tones and sounds of the bee with Debbie Howes

The sound of the bee forms the hexagram which holds the sacred geometry of ‘ as above, so below”, allowing balance, healing and recovery on a cellular level. While listening to these toned sounds from the voice, you are transported out of the conscious mind into the depths of the unconscious bringing deep relaxation, rest and rejuvenation.

Debbie Howes bee healing soundsThe sound of the bee forms the shape of the hexagram. On a cellular level, the water molecule of vitality and health forms the shape of the hexagram. According to Dr Emoto, the shape of a water molecule infused with gratitude and love, forms a perfect, beautiful hexagram.


While listening to the sounds of the bee, a meditative focus is suggested for each track. For maximum benefit from the sounds therefore it is recommended to find a quiet, tranquil space where you can allow your mind to surrender to the sounds and allow the healing while focussed on the intention for each track. Notice your breathing and become aware of breathing lower down below the navel. The combination of sound, stillness, intention and breathing allow for a sublime experience.

The notes and tones are often not harmonious to the conscious mind, thereby allowing for the gateway into the unconscious aspects of the self where logic and the intellectual mind may recede into the background.

Space clearing; focus on bringing beautiful, healing light into your surrounding space.

Grounding and connecting to earth: Feel roots growing down to the centre of the earth, drawing up the love into your body Connecting to your Higher self: Align with the highest/ most perfect aspect of yourself.

Healing the emotional body; feel the presence of clear, sparkling water moving through the water systems in your body, bringing cleansing and clarity. Letting go and moving forwards: visualize a stream of water that flows constantly and gently down to the ocean.

Energy and vitality: Scan your body as you allow the cells in your body to light up and awaken to a new light. Independence. Feel what it feels like to be a star that loves being itself Sleep: Imagine yourself sleeping in a bubble of safety and peace. Self love: visualize a beautiful being of light, smiling lovingly at you Peace. Allow any symbol or colour of peace to appear for you. Insomnia : imagine a baby sleeping safely in its mother’s arms Sinuses; feel a gentle healing colour flowing through your head Aligning with your soul: Allow the light from your soul to flow and merge into your physical body.

Grounding and connecting to thee earth: Feel the presence of the magnetic pull of the earth in your body Protection and safety: Relax into a cocoon of safety around your body Releasing entities: Visualize turning the volume of light up in our space as you release that which no longer serves you in your highest best interests.