Energy in Motion

"To create an environment whereby with honesty, trust, letting go, surrendering and flowing with the rhythm of the being, a focussed togetherness creates an experience of harmony; with sharing of movement, energy, sound, breathing, love, light, truth and joy; and this is extended to express pure beauty and peace”.


VOLITION can be defined as 

vo•li•tion n

  1. the act of exercising the will
  2. the ability to make conscious choices or decisions
  3. the result of exercising the will
  4. an act of will distinguished from the intended physical movement it causes

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

E-VOLITION, energy in motion, is a unique healing modality where the individual will is aligned with the higher Will to access, remember and re-instate the innate healing ability that has been lying dormant.  Ancient memories of sound and toning sequences, breathing patterns and working with the elements and energy, are some of the gifts that we are reawakening at this time where each person is returning to the reclaiming of, and taking responsibility for their own healing journey.

The practitioners’ whole body is used during a treatment and not only the hands. Crystals, energy redistribution, tapping, spinning, pressure points and breathing patterns are some of the techniques, which are incorporated in conjunction with the 5 elements. The process addresses the physical and multidimensional aspects of the individual and includes visualizations and exercises which address the mind and body.Ancient shamanic traditions, including smudging and working with a feather and intent are reintroduced.

The process is experiential and not of an intellectual nature.

• We are aligning with our highest, best possible future by accessing the higher, collective memory, which is nestled in the body.
• We are remembering that we are that which we are searching for.  We have been blessed with all that we need for healing on all levels and we are now aligning with that truth.

 Debbie has presented on the Kate Turkington "believe it or not" show for crystal healing, and practices from home in the South of Johannesburg.